Ewha Womans University Environmental Science and Engineering

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities of Ewha Environmental Engineering Graduate

Government officer position
  • Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, etc
Government industry
  • Korea Environment Corporation, Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI), Korea Water Resources Corporation (K water), Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), Korea Land & Housing Corporation(LH), Korea National Park, Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea Rural Community Corporation, Mine Reclamation Corp., 16 domestic government company (SH Corporation, Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation)
Industrial position (corporation)
  • Hyundai E&C, Samsung C&T, Daelim, GS E&C, Posco E&C, Daewoo E&C, Doosan Engineering & Construction, Hyundai Engineering, Samsung Engineering, Kolon Global, Samsung Telecommunications, Corning, Samsung Institute of Safety & Environment, etc.
Industrial position (venture)
  • Hyosung Ebara Engineering, Halla Energy & Environment, Coway, Envac, Korbi, Techross, Saman, Dohwa, Kunhwa, Hanjong Engineering, Dasan Engineering, etc.
Research Institute (National Lab)
  • National Institute of Environmental Research, Korea Environment Institute (KEI), KIST, NIMR, KICT, KAERI, Korea National Park Research Institute, National Institute of Ecology, National Institute of Biological Resource, Korea Forest Service, Institute of Health and Environment in each province of Korea, Institute of International Economic Policy in each province of Korea, etc.
International organization (NGO)