Ewha Womans University Environmental Science and Engineering

Graduate Program


  • Nationality : Female foreign nationals whose parents are both of foreign nationality.
  • Graduate (Master’s) : Applicant must have completed a four-year-course university or university-equivalent courses and acquired Bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduate (Doctoral) : Applicant must have completed post-graduate course and acquired Maters’ degree.

Application Period

  • In the middle of May & Oct. per year

Required Documents

For All Applicants :
  • One Application form [Form 1]
  • One Application Supplement [Form 2]
  • More than Two Letters of Recommendation [Form 3]
  • An Official transcript of academic records and a certificate of (prospective) diploma from the last school attended
  • Passport copies of the applicant and both parents or other official documents attesting to the nationality of the applicant and both parents
  • Official documents that verify the family relationship between the applicant and both parents
  • Documents validating language proficiency
  • Consent form to check-up the record of last school attended [Form 4]
Optional Documents
  • Documentary evidence demonstrating the applicant’s ability to successfully pursue academic studies
    • Only for applicable candidates
    • For undergraduate applicants, high school graduation tests, scholastic ability tests, officially recognized academic tests
      (ex: SAT, ACT, Gao Kao, Japanese University Admission Center Test, A-level, IB, etc.)
  • Materials showing evidence of the applicant’s artistic or athletic ability such as portfolios or videotapes
  • A certificate of former employment(Only for applicable candidates)
  • Scholarship Application [Form 5,6,7]
  • A copy of alien registration card issued by Korean government (Only for foreigners residing in Korea)

Download Form 1 - Form 7 from the Office of Admissions website ( http://admission.ewha.ac.kr )

Application Type

  • Admission For International Students

Application Method

  • After Online Application, submit required documents by postal mail or in person