Ewha Womans University Environmental Science and Engineering

Introduction & History

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering has distinguished itself from Civil Engineering several decades ago as a unique discipline. By integrating science and engineering, Environmental Engineering aims to improve the quality of human life by addressing environmental issues and challenges at all levels. This involves the management and protection of our water, air and land resources. Through the development of novel monitoring and remediation technologies as well as application of latest data analysis techniques, we will be able to stay ahead of rising global challenges. In addition, environmental engineers also seek long term solutions to environmental issues by taking into consideration social-economic and geo-political factors.

Since the Industrial Revolution, we have progressed at the expense of long term sustainability. Pollution of arable land by waste and the poisoning of ground water by hydrofracking are examples of today's environmental calamity. The mission of the environmental engineer is not only to undo the damage, but also to prevent future occurrence. It is a daunting yet critical mission because there is no profit in environmental engineering.

Environmental Engineering Department in Ewha covers numerous aspects of environmental science and engineering such as monitoring and remediation technologies, environmental management, government policies, informatics and environmental impact assessment. We will train future generations of women environmental engineers to undertake this mission through continual research and education.

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

History of Ewha Environmental Engineering

History of Ewha Environmental EngineeringTable for History of Ewha Environmental Engineering
1993 Department of Environmental Science was newly started in the College of Science
1996 College of Engineering was newly founded and the Department name was changed to Environmental Engineering
1998 Master degree program for Environmental Engineering was started.
2000 PhD degree program was started. University-Research Institute collaboration was started with NIER and KIST
2003 University-Research Institute collaboration with KEI was added to the program.